Remix OS and hardware

Probably one for @bryanlunduke

They’ve made a desktop OS, based on Android which looks very interesting. Ontop of this, they also make a mini PC and an “ultratablet”; both of which look superb.

I’ve got June 12th marked on the calendar, can’t wait to try this! The family is already familiar with Android, and with the recent Chrome OS rumours it’s a bit of a lame duck. I could keep putting Arch on all my computers, but the more computers you have to maintain the less fun it is. So I’m hoping Android (via Remix OS) will become our daily computing driver.

Reviews of their mini PC are mixed though, it seems to be under-powered (or people are expecting too much of it). And their tablet seems to be stuck on older version of Remix OS. I hope that isn’t a bad sign.

Releasing their OS for x86 devices is a good move. I need a new tablet, and my current one had great reviews but the little things I only found after using it drive me nuts. If I like Remix OS I’ll be much more likely to spend a bit more on their tablet.

Well, I was enamored with Jide and Remix OS so much so that I backed their Remix IO+ Android set top device. A very interesting device at a reasonable price. Alas, it will not be!

Any thoughts on a replacement device? Currently I’ve got a Patriot Box Office plugged into the TV but I was really hoping for something that could play games and movies but I’m not ready for full game console. Maybe I should be?! Is the Shield TV still a thing?

Did this not ship or something ?


The company changed focus and backed out of all their consumer products.

Refunds were issued. Lots of people whined and complained. Ultimately I guess it’s hard to compete with a real Android TV box against all those $20 boxes on Amazon that run basic Android and have an HDMI port to plug into your TV.

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