Recommended Health Band?

Hi Everyone,

I currently have a Fitbit Charge 2:

This is my fifth Fitbit and like every one before I am going to need to return it. Much as I love Fitbit, I am getting tired of the quality problems. With my current band the heart rate monitor tells me my heart rate when I haven’t worn the band all day (it seems to work on an invisible man’s arm), the strap is breaking apart, and some times it outright lies about my heart rate (e.g. it thought my HR was 195bpm when I was just walking one day).

Clearly the thing is knackered.

So, I am exploring alternatives. This is what I am looking for:

  • The main thing I want is accurate heart rate monitoring. I want it to be continuous so it is measured throughout the day.
  • Ideally tracking steps, calorie burn, etc.
  • Would love if it automatically tracks sleep.
  • Preferably has a decent display.
  • Preferably can export data to Google Fit etc.
  • Great battery life.
  • Importantly, WON’T DROP TO BITS.

So, I would love to hear your recommendations and suggestions. Thanks!

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I, too, went through at least 5 fitbits. I HATE THEM SO MUCH. Each lasted for about 3 months. Water destroys them :frowning:

I have had a Garmin Vivoactive HR since November & love it. IT’S WATERPROOF! HOORAY!


Interesting! Thanks for sharing!

Does it do sleep tracking?

Also, have you compared the heart rate to the reading from a chest strap?

Jono, I hear the Xiaomi Mi band 2 does a lot of things right. Battery life of a month, nice display, accurate heartbeat measurements. Also the price is right.
Not sure if you can export to Google Fit, but a technology minded mate has one (in combination with a Nexus 5x) and loves it.

I suggest you read up on it a bit :slight_smile:

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I work for Garmin, so I’m biased, but we make good stuff (I don’t work on fitness wearables FYI). I’ve worn the vivofit (simple step tracker) for 2.5 years and it still works great.

For what you want, I’d recommend the vivosmart HR. You could consider the vivosmart HR+ or the vivoactive HR if you want GPS tracking or some other fancier features.

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Very cool. I don’t suppose Garmin want to donate one for a review? :wink:

Maybe…Telegram me when you get a chance

Thanks, pal!

I have a MIO fuse. am on the third since April 2016.
The software is bad when your generous. I never could get the PAI software to work.
The HR monitor is not continuous.
And it looses track of HR the moment you change your movements (like when exercising) easily.
The only advantage: It’s water proof.
Would not recommend this one for you, will not be staying with MIO for my next one.
Sorry, don’t have a positive vote for you, but a negative one to eliminate contenders.



Any updates on this @jonobacon?
What do you use now?

I’m looking at a Fitbit Versa to pair with my iPhone. I won’t use it on its own so lack of gps is no issue for me.

It’s not a fitness tracker (although it does do those tasks), but I just got a Garmin FR645 Music, and am really liking it so far. Along with the Dynamics Pod, it’s a substantial upgrade over the Moto Sport I had been running with. If there’s interest, happy to review it for the show.


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Rather than a review, what made you choose it?

This looks interesting. Indoors we just use the machines for tracking, but when I run outside I’d like more accurate reporting. I used to have tracking shoes, and tried the Mi Band mentioned up here. The shoes obviously don’t last, or aren’t your type, and the band was probably not the most accurate.

The nexus of size, cost, reliability (a large issue with my Moto Sport), battery life, and features was compelling enough to make a switch I had been resisting for years.

The additional information has been really interesting.


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Not sure about the HardWare stuff.

but looks like the Libre Software Alternative has caught up, finally !

okesino plus waistline at a Quarter Past midnight, on my left-wrist.

@neuro sounds to me like a segway for start-up.

I shall look into it after I finish my weekend crumble :roll_eyes:


@neuro Yes, I concur, start-ups called summersalt do particularly well in Web 3.0

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