Really Bad jokes

Spotted this from @jonobacon on twitter today.


I’m guessing many of us are suffering cabin fever from being in lockdown by now.

Anybody else got similarly bad jokes to share?

When life gives you melons…you might be dyslexic.

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In the UK under lock-down some of our shops have special opening hours for Health workers, carers, fire fighters and other people deemed essential to keep working.

On the news today one man was stopped trying to shop during this time by the police.

On questioning he was neither a doctor or a nurse. He didn’t work in a care home, he did not work for the police, ambulance and was not a fire fighter.

When asked why he deserved priority service he said: “I am a locksmith, that makes me a key worker.”

On Twitter @jonobacon strikes again.

Pro tip: Never make jokes about fungi.

There is just too mushroom for error.

But on the other hand, from me.

If you ever find a mushroom willing to by the drinks. He is a fungi to be with.

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