Project Gooseberry, the latest (and most ambitious) project from the Blender Foundation

Every once in a while, the Blender Institute creates an animation project to help promoting Blender and improving it.

So far, four short films have been created:

  1. Elephant Dreams
  2. Big Buck Bunny
  3. Sintel
  4. Tears of Steel

Every project helped improving Blender in numerous cases (particle systems and fur on Big Buck Bunny, camera tracking in Tears of Steels, etc.).

The new project from Blender Institute is called the Gooseberry Project, and it’s an amazing challenge: producing a 90 minute long animation film in 18 months, the work being shared between 12 animation studios all around the World.

There is of course a crowdfunding project going on on the project website (and it ends in less than 8 days, so if you want to participate, it’s now or never!).

I’ve done 3D in my teenager years (ah, pirated versions of 3D Studio Max crashing every 6 minutes… <3), and although I’ve quickly discovered I would never be an artist (at least in 3D!), I’ve followed the Blender story for quite a while now, being a pretty impressive open source software.

I really hope this project will come true, because that would be an amazing way to promote Blender and therefore the Open Source (we’re talking about releasing a feature film that would be shown in theaters!).

Have you heard about this project? Any thoughts on this?

I absolutely love what the Blender folks are doing. Many moons ago I used to spend some time in the project and got to know their founder, Ton Roosendaal. His leadership and direction of Blender have made it a really compelling tool, and these projects really demonstrate what it can do.

Yes, Ton Roosendaal is an amazing guy. I’ve never met him, and I don’t know exactly how he manages the whole project (I mean, maybe he’s an evil dictator!), but from an outside point of view, the work he’s accomplishing is amazing.

How were you involved back then?

Blender is amazing!
I really feel they don’t get the recognition from the open software community that they deserve. I honestly think blender is one of the best pieces of open software available.

Many people may never know the endless complexity and work that goes into creating 3D animation etc.
Blender is the only software in the industry that offers an entire production pipeline in a single application. Modeling, rigging, animation, texture painting, rendering, tracking, compositing, video editing, it does everything and it’s great that this small team of devs are competing with giant corporations like Autodesk and the foundry.

I just wish that everyone would show more support for projects like Gooseberry.

Haha, Tons not so evil :stuck_out_tongue:

Very much around the edges. I promoted Blender in the community, spoke at their conference, and wrote Blender tutorials for magazines.

What year where you at the con jono?

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