Portable and Unique Devices Running Linux

The inspiration for this topic came from @bryanlunduke mentioning (on more than one occasion) that he has some portable device(s) running Linux. So if you have something that you would consider “portable and unique” that runs Linux please speak up.

Here are some types devices that would probably be a good fit for this topic:

  1. fulling working devices sold by a company targeting a niche market.
  2. a device that has been modified to run Linux and is relatively stable/dependable.
  3. community projects with excellent documentation.

Here are some types devices that would probably not be a good fit for this topic:

  1. laptops (unless they are relatively small).
  2. smartphones running something from Google or Apple.
  3. single board computers like a Raspberry Pi (just by themselves not part of a larger project).
  4. IOT (unless it is meant to be taken places and interacted with directly not through some other device).
  5. Devices that I can buy at the local shopping mall.

Extra awesome points will be awarded for pictures and links to descriptions.

I think this runs Linux (the Mod Duo):

Also the Mycroft does:

I believe the Roku devices do:

Would be surprised if the Daisy didn’t run Linux.
Of note, it appears that this more clinical mycroft-esk device has been around since 2005.


I found this device out through the Open Library.

That’s a Plextor Plextalk PTN-1; DAISY is a standard, not a product. I’d wager that Plextor, which dates from about 2004-2005 runs some sort of real-time OS rather than something larger like Linux.


What’s great about this one is that its designed to me modified!


As of October 2017 you can get still get it on Indiegogo for less that its retail price



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