Poll: Who got their predictions most wrong?

We gave predictions for 2014 in shows 1x07 and 1x08, and we gave our opinions of how we did in the recent show 1x32 and right here on the forum. But… what do you think? Who was the most wrong? Vote now!

  • Jono, who predicted a VR revolution that didn’t happen, and an Apple Watch which isn’t out yet
  • Bryan

And give us your suggestions for what an adequate punishment for the poor unfortunate wrong bearded California resident would be.


Maybe this is just me, but it seems that the way the poll is presented may be…how shall I say…a little biased? :slight_smile:

That’s just because you’re viewing it through the eyes of privilege.


I agree. I inherited, from my father. a font point size disability. The larger the font, the more likely I’ll pass it over. So, if I was @bryanlunduke, I would be incensed. :smile:



To punish @bryanlunduke I was thinking that a poem about him, written by the three other presenters, would be an appropriate thing to do at Live Voltage. And to top it off, what about reaching out to Chris Fisher to invite him to read the poem, either live or recorded?

Maybe a poem for @jonobacon too?

Love it!

Sorry @jonobacon, but @bryanlunduke’s prediction did indeed come true. It ain’t Best Buy, but Microcenter is selling a 3D printer

The injustice is rife…

Woah, double the votes for @jonobacon that there is for @bryanlunduke. We warned you about the virtual reality revolution, dude. :slight_smile:


Why do I get the feeling that in this kind of polls @jonobacon always gets more votes ?

I’m not sure, but it might have something do with community.


Community community, community community community “community community”, community. Community? Community! Community community community community CommUnity™ community community community; community. Community community community community-community community community community comunidad community, community. コミュニティ. Community community community, community community.



What are you saying? It has something to do with community?

This makes me think back on the LugRadio days and I have to say that not much has changed :p.

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Maybe @bryanlunduke and @jonobacon could sing a duet at Live Voltage? Something burlesque perhaps? Of course it would be scripted by the winners.

Burlesque? Do you really want to see that flopping around on a stage? :slight_smile:

… guess it’s don’t believe the hype as usual.

“The experience can cause nausea, eyestrain and headaches. Headset makers don’t recommend their devices for children. Samsung and Oculus urge adults to take at least 10-minute breaks every half-hour, and they warn against driving, riding a bike or operating machinery if the user feels odd after a session.”

from An article on Virtual Reality, VR.