Poll: Do Bad Voltage fans look at Open Source Code?

Inspired by a video on @bryanlunduke’s video channel recently I wondered how many of us were interested in the source code of open source projects such as Firefox, Libre Office or anything else.

I’ve put the following in order, as I see it, of most significant to least. Select the highest of these that applies to you at least once.

Post replies below to provide details.

Bryan, we have not heard from you in a long time. I hope you are still following the shows and the forum. We would love to hear from you again.

  • I have modified code and contributed to up stream projects.
  • I have modified code but only for my own use.
  • I have examined code, not modified but to learn techniques from.
  • I have built code from source but never looked at the code.
  • I use open source never compiled it. This includes installing using Software centers, ‘apt-get’, ‘deb’ packages or the equivalent in other Linux distributions.
  • I don’t use an open source operating system or any open source software.

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I used to have a Polish girlfriend and she used used the Polish version of Libre Office.

She showed me a few spelling mistakes and other typographical errors. I have posted patches to the ‘po’ files upstream which have since been included.

I have also looked at source for my own benefit in other projects.

I sent a few small patches for some music player Android apps. I’ve never done any serious Android development, it was more simple stuff in the XML files or in the documentation.

I’ve done everything over the years, from just discussing about possible patches on mailing lists/IRC to contributing whole subsystems to FOSS projects.

I was an operating system engineer for a company which developed Linux-based firewalls for ten years. I still have nightmares from reading some kernel driver sources.

*cough* SmoothWall

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