Poll: Bad Voltage Photography Competition - Who wins


The competition is over time to choose a winner.

Closure date to be announced


You only have one vote but you can change your mind just click “Hide Results” and vote again this cancels your old vote and replaces it with your new one.

If anybody is interested in creating a poll the best guide I could find is here

You may want to post suggestions for our next competition as replies to this thread.


I must say, it wasn’t easy to choose.


I agree we clearly have some talent between us. I am hoping that the presenters will promote this on the next show and announce the winner on the following one. The closure date for votes obviously depends on their recording schedule.


This has been a fun competition. I hope this inspires more competitions and more responses. This is a good way to rally the community together.


Hmm. Do I vote for the one I like, or the one that gives me NZ expat nostalgia?

Decisions, decisions…


Always trying to inspire more community activity. Post your ideas. With Christmas and Hanukkah around the corner I am not looking to organise anything else this year but love the idea of starting something early in 2018.

We could have another photography competition but with a different subject, poetry (limerick or Haiku) or anything you fancy keep the ideas rolling in.

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