Pictures of the presenters

I think the website should have some more tasteful pictures of the presenters. I propose this one for @jonobacon


I agree. Maybe we can have this one of @sil:


What a handsome chap he is.

Not like this unhandsome chap:

(annoyed that I can’t find the dreadful long-haired picture of Jono from the UKLinux days, which is even worse)

What about …


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According to Google Images @jeremy is:

…man I wish I could figure out what I did with that hat.


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I am disapointed in all of you for not suggesting this amazing image of @jonobacon

I was there that evening. :slight_smile: The memory is not a proud one.

Yikes, you people are mean people. :slight_smile:

I was merely giving props to the Fedora folk. :slight_smile:

Speaking of that evening, we had a pretty fun jam:

Daaaamn. Hypno-Bryan be lookin’ good, son!

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All glory to the Hypno-Bryan.

Need more Bacon?

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So… in the last Ubuntu Q&A with Jono, this beautiful image appered!

I’m sorry but Jono-Juno… it had to happen at some point so here you go, can’t wait to watch it in theaters!

@bryanlunduke Do you actually own the kilt? Looks good. When I mentioned to my wife my desire for one, she rolled her eyes (I always make sure her eye muscles are well used). Then she asked “and where would you wear it?” Like we go anywhere that requires formal wear??

Absolutely, I own that kilt! (And thanks, I think it looks rather splendid, myself.)

That, right there, is actually my own tartan. That is the Lunduke family tartan. It was based on the Swedish national tartan and infused with subtle elements of the Irish tartan (to represent the primary family lines that make up the Lunduke heritage). I designed it and then had a big bolt of the cloth made for it and sent back to me. Then I hired a Kilt maker in Seattle to actually make it for me.

I love my kilt. (The kilt that Chris Fisher is wearing in that shot was a rental. :smile: )

Side note: One of the great benefits of being the first “Lunduke” to ever exist is that, as the patriarch of this new clan, I get to do all those fun things. Like designing tartans and crests. Establishing the family motto and so forth.

It should be noted that the family motto has not yet been formalized. We’ve gone through a few iterations that my wife and I have discarded for various reasons.

The one that is currently under consideration is :

“Caution. Modesty. Inconsistency.”

Do you get many opportunities to wear your kilt? I really do like it.

I’m a bowtie guy myself. But I’m not sure how a more colorful bowtie would fit.

Is there any history to choice of Lunduke?

For you?? Not likely. The rest of your family I don’t know about. You ought to be fiat justitia et pereat mundus.

Honestly, not really. I would wear it more often… but the problem with having a kilt in North America is that you really stand out. So if you go to a wedding and wear a kilt… you start taking attention away from the bride and groom (who, almost certainly, don’t look as awesome as you do).

Speaking as a guy who has worn a polkadot tie with his kilt… it works. You just gotta own it.

Yes. :smile:

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