Pics of Stuart's prizes

Firstly, sorry for the redonkulous delay in posting these. The observant amongst you will note that the “at work” backdrop is a little different. This is but one of the smaller changes which happened over the past couple of months which essentially pushed me off the Intertubes. I’m back now, and posting them pics!

The packing

10/10 for frugalness but -severalE6 for style here. A carrier bag with a piece of card taped to it. My initial disappointment was checked when I saw a picture of our Glorious Monarch on the bag which, being a true Englishman, gets my blood flowing. Fun fact: the UK is the only country in the world which doesn’t have to put its name on the stamps. Why? 'Cos we bloody invented them.

The note

Within the bag was this heartfelt missive from sil himself! The wide looping initials and strong, masculine descenders indicating strong opinions and, possibly, ginger hair. Who says graphology is rubbish?

The contents

Speaking of rubbish, let us get to the contents.

It’s a puzzle… thing. Some determined fiddling resulted in some movement of the colours. I’m going to assume that the position I got it into is the solved position. The educated reader may see the clever way I’ve encoded my personal genome into the particular pattern of colours.

Just in time for the thaw over here, it’s an ice-scraper. My spirits immediately rose upon seeing this item. I can stick blue LEDs into the clear plastic and pretend it’s a ray gun from Blake’s 7 or 1980s-era Who.

A lanyard! I can now impress girls by pretending to have been to Birmingham.

Something with a camera mount on one end and a suction cup on the other. I will assume that this has been used to attach a camera to the tiles in Stuart’s bathroom so that he can film himself singing along to Mariah Carey. Fun fact: Stuart’s singing was so good that it was the Content ID match which caused the resulting video to be removed from YouTube and not the nudity.

A wooden model of “bit” from TRON after contracting the little-known Bubonic Plague virus.

After accidentally leaving “transform: rotate(180deg);” in the CSS for this book, sales were disappointing. The book has not been signed by the author. He was probably lacking a pen.

Another 1980s BBC sci-fi great here, It’s Orac. From Blake’s 7.

After the recent court case, Stuart has been banned from instantly touching-up anything or anyone. He obviously had no further use for this. This being his only pen, it also explains the lack of a signature in the book.

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…because the author is an idiot who only thought of that on the way back home from the post office. Sorry. Will happily sign it next time I see you.

:slight_smile: - I’ll just tape your business card in it for the moment.

Also, the puzzle thing with the elastic strings through it is relatively easy; the wooden thing when it comes apart is slightly hard to put back together but not too troubling; and the one with the colours is a one-eyed bastard which I have never managed to solve, so you get to tune up your puzzle skills.

I will cough to inelegance in packaging, mind. But the bag is actually from Nawlins and brought to me by family! It has travelled further than half the presents you will receive! Not Jono’s though.

No human in history has ever said that, nor will they ever again.

Laughing at the description of each elements. It was worth the wait!

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