Pics of Jono's prizes

And the final one, for the moment… Jono! Jono wins the prize for getting his parcel here first and I posted pics of the packaging earlier on. As noted in my bollocking, I had planned to record the opening of eachpackage. Unfortunately real life got in the way (more below).

The packaging

The bit of the unboxing video which was finished was actually some of the shots of the packaging. To get an idea of the joy which could’ve been, I posted the intro video to my G+ feed:

The note

Over a cup of tea, I re-read Jono’s very sweet message. It took nearly all fo the tea to get to the end of it. Jono certainly wins the most doctor-like handwriting of anything written in my house. And I’m a doctor…

The contents

This book is excellent. No more need be said. When the parcel came it felt book-like and I was worried that Jono had just sent me a copy of The Art of Community from the massive stack he uses as a coffee table. My girlfriend took the mick out of me for suggesting Jono would send such a thing.

Ah… Well.

So, coming back to the Real World for the moment. Just after Jono’s parcel arrived, my girlfriend’s job situation changed dramatically and she was suddenly going to job interviews. The weekend before her interview, she read this book which had just arrived. She is now the equivalent of a community manager at the British Museum here in the UK. Being serious for the moment, we both acknowledge that this book actually really helped her preparing for the interview. So, thanks Jono. This book arrived at just the right time.

And Jono signs his books. Vain bastard. He doesn’t remain dignified and aloof like Mr Langridge. :smile:

Two picks. One showing a successful community project and one showing a community project.

Some Bad Voltage banners. Not sticky-backed but I’m sure some pritt-stick could get this on my laptop somehow. (Other stick-based glues are available.)

X-prize stickers! Exactly the right size to stick over the logo on your cheap MacBook look-alike so that people we assume there’s a glowing Apple underneath it.


This is my favorite sentence of the day.


Me too. I LOLed when I read that. :slight_smile:

successful community
successful project
community project
successful community project


Which is the one is best describes the ‘OatMeal’ book, then @sil in the verbage you used …

successful, community or project; or a combination of those or all three ?

To Be Honest I liked them all.

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