Photographers/Graphics Folk: How do we create a team photo?

Hi Everyone,

Wanting to solicit some advice.

As many of you will know, Bad Voltage is recorded in such a way that it sounds like we are all in the same room, but we are in remote places (California, Washington, Buffalo, Stourbridge). I am pretty happy with the results so far.

Well, to help spruce up our side, I want to get a cool looking team photo that looks similar to the ones we did with LugRadio:

Getting everyone together for the team photo is not doable right now. So, any ideas for how we can take four individual photos and make it look like a group photo?

Thoughts and recommendations about how we take the original source material, composite it, and offers of help greatly recieved! :slight_smile:

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you could probably do a Queen II album cover with separate photos assembled in Gimp

Ya. The original of this one, without the noses:[email protected]/ (which I can’t find, any more, and can’t remember who did it) might be a useful model here…

Capture each person on a green screen, then photoshop it all together…?

Yeah, I am thinking maybe the trick here is to keep things simple. Take a set of photos and make something more iconic than like a fake picture.

Thanks for the tips, everyone!

I’d make a gag out of it. Make a deliberately atrocious slap together and credit it to Microsoft Paint.

Nailed it.


LOL. Looks pretty authentic.

marx ownz da fotoshopz

I hope you guys remembered to do a decent photo while you were together at SCaLE.

We did. I shall publish those photos on the BV website shortly once we’ve decided which ones we like :slight_smile:

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