PETER SUNDE : I don’t give a flying fudge. I don’t care if the “pirate movement” lives, exists or

A recent post on torrent freak reveals that Peter Sunde of TPB:AFK (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0) really has no leaning at all towards whether the “Pirate Movement” is in full swagger or falling on it’s sword.

I picked this up on twitter, and well remember the badvoltage pod of 1×22: Oval Ted Bag where Jono & co. plough through the discussion why the ‘Free Culture’ movement has died on it’s arse.
(unrelated but maybe proportional).

Question. But with 5+ seats in European Politics at a National stage etc, has the moola gone to his head ?

Is it time to address these ideals of

  • Kopimism (which seems more of a facebook group, surprisingly :wink:
  • AFK and,
  • the 30M (Million not meters, although both may apply) pre-kickstarter micro-nation of Sealand.

Personally I use KATorrents, but I’ll not link that due to the nature of the argument.

Disclaimer: If your too young or find this too passe, then sometimes, it’s best to listen to the Stormtrooper as I’d concur: 'Nothing to see here move-along.’ … sometimes.

Sunde isn’t obliged to have an opinion, surely? It is possible I’ve missed something here.

@sil Right, right, I see …

just thougt this was a decent tweet to-get TPB_AFK in the discussion, but I may have been misguided, there.

Should I delete and 86 the discourse-post, then ?
Happy to-do so.

No no, the point is: explain to me why Sunde should have an opinion!

Essentially, I guess it’s a pioneering discussion about access.
& is the pirate movement the grassroots evolution og the free software movement (?) ie. What’s next ?
The only question that you bring, or that I’m feeling is:
How many times have I actually done a direct peer-to-peer transfer ?
Perhaps that’s that’s a question that herr Sunde would want to impart.

Other than that I don’t know where to-go on this one … sorry It was just a late night tweet after 1x39.

Perhaps we have some Swedish smurf’s who could fill in the void.

On a related tangent…

A few things:

  1. The author of the article referenced in the OP is selling a micropayments service. So yeah, he’s gone to the other side.
  2. Free culture != piracy. Piracy has been waning mostly because afforable solutions have replaced it, as theorized. If pirates had done a better job of policing themselves ahemMALWAREahem, that wouldn’t have had such an impact.
    3)Also, the challenge and reward for subverting current software systems is not so great as was during the desktop software period. Back in the day cracking photoshop made you somebody, but ever since everything moved to the cloud - being a cracker just isn’t as cool.
    4)In the article, he makes a very salient point that pirates should be standing up for what they believe in, not piracy itself, which was supposed to be a means to an end.

It is no one’s job to stand up for piracy. Rather, I think someone ought to stand up for users for ought not have to have eiher 1) micropayments or 2) malware thrust upon them and simultaneously the artist/developer who deserves 1) to be compensated fairly for their work and 2) to have access to channels which stream his or her product on a wide scale.

We must remember that piracy is a means to end, and not a goal untoitself. We also must remember to keep pushing for better solutions. I’m willing to pay for videos, but it’s unfair that there is zero way to stream them (at a reasonable speed) in my area, even with an expensive internet connection. I honestly don’t see many folks in my area either 1) stealing them or 2) harranging the people in charge over this.

So is piracy the option to show the cable company what’s what? Or activism? Or what?

Last thing:
After all these years, Adobe is still standing.
Microsoft is still standing.
Most software vendors who were frequent targets of piracy are still standing.
However, a lot of record labels died.
A lot of movie companies went under.
A lot of games companies (especially role playing) collapsed.
We earned always on DRM.
We earned micropayments.

I think piracy lost us some major battles, and incentivized some of the worst behavior by content providers to date. Not always worth it in my opinion. What was supposed to trigger cultural freedom, did in part, but also killed off vulnerable parts of our culture who relied on shaky monitization from die hard fans. Things will never be the same, and no Patreon, or kickstarter, or indiegogo will ever fill that gap for artists.

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His mate : Fredrik Neij was released from prison earlier this month.

I still subscribe to flattr from Peter’s site.

I think all of them should do talks now for people.

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