Past episodes on iTunes?

It’d be swell if I were able to listen to past episodes in iTunes (as frowned upon as my using Mac may be ;)) so I can simply let them play continuously* and binge them all like a maniac.

Surely @sil or someone can simply upload them. :slight_smile:

*Right now I’m using the logical names of the files to manually play each in a browser. :disappointed: :

Erm. We are on iTunes, aren’t we? Bad Voltage certainly shows up in the iTunes podcasts store on my iPhone…

Also, don’t worry about using a Mac. We are a general technology show. Jono’s got a Mac. :slight_smile:

@sil, yes but only the latest 10 episodes of BV, I would like to listen to the old ones more easily.

See here:

vs. your friends on Jupiter: :wink:

I’m not sure if it’s always been only ten as I just started listening last week; I can’t recall if the 24th episode was present and disappeared when the 34th was added.

Ah, yes. The explanation: it’s that way due to a technical limitation and we’re working on it.

The techie explanation if you want it is that BV’s iTunes presence is driven from our RSS feed and that only has ten episodes in it for reasons given at Why doesn’t the RSS feed have all of the episodes in?, which also contains some discussion about how it might be fixed.

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