Oh wow, oh wow, WOWSERS! Congrats Bryan:) Super excited to listen tonight!

I’ve been a fellow Coastie since Art was broadcasting from the Kingdom of Nye. I’ve often times listened when Lauren Weinstein has been on and, he’s a good reporter and all but, I’ve always found myself thinking “Annnnnd…AND…AND dammit!”. He never does tell the listeners that they don’t have to put up with, that they can prevent and mitigate or outright protect themselves from, whatever horrid technology abuse he’s reporting on. I have a feeling you’re going to do us in the Free software community proud tonight and help a lot of people :slight_smile:

Sometimes I work overnight in environments (glass office towers, grrr :() where AM radio is just not possible. Following are two online streaming links that don’t require sign ups for anyone who finds themself in a similar situation (or lives in a nation where Coast isn’t carried) and want to listen tonight.



Coast starts at 01:00 am EST.

//edit: That was an awesome intersection of stuff I find awesome!! I’m really happy it got the response it did and thanks to Bryan for staying up late and handling calls into open lines like a trooper :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks! That was pretty damned fun. I was trying to remember when I first started listening to the show… It was definitely during the Art Bell years. I want to say early 90s.

To be able to spend nearly 3 hours on one of my favorite shows of all time (stretching back to my high school days) was an absolute thrill. And Jimmy is one of my favorite hosts out there right now (I got to be on his full time show, Fade to Black, earlier on the week. So much fun.

I could tell you were having fun and well done :slight_smile: As a debian user I would have liked it if you didn’t make it seem like running GNU/Linux was somehow a hard thing for us non-technical users, but I do understand that you were dealing with a lot in a small amount of time.

I’ve always been fond of the term “Free software” for the exact opposite reason many seem to dislike it; It requires explanation. That ,in turn, requires that it be ensured that the recipient truly grasps the concepts behind the term.

Again though, I do understand you were conveying a whole lot as the subtext of your main topic to an audience mostly hearing it for the very first time.

Yet, boy did they respond !!! :smiley: :smiley:

Y’know what happens in my Super-Happy-Fantasy-Fun-Land? A somewhat regular segment kinda like Pharmacist Ben :slight_smile:

I was wanting to listen to this but it requires a subscription to download. And as far as staying up that night, well, you know that you are getting old when you are faced with temptation and your first concern is ‘will it keep me up past 8:30?’ :grinning:

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These are usually taken down in a matter of days, but it’s there now :slight_smile:

… could always put it on soundcloud and archive.org

Oh, I’m not the one uploading. I just know they’re there because I work night shift and like to fall asleep listening to coast too. It’s probably still out there, will just require some creative searching is all. I’m not a coast insider because premieres paywall is insulting after shows being free on the old LCARS style page for years…err… I don’t want to use the proprietary app…um, nope, not gonna wash either …the shows are encumbered with DRM…meh…I’m incredibly fiscally irresponsible and can’t commit to a monthly payment.

I rely on the kindness of coast insiders to listen asynchronously :slight_smile:

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