OggCamp 2018 - Who's Going?

We don’t get enough Linux events in the UK.

I missed OggCamp last year but it is back this year and definitely worth a visit. I’m intending to be there. Who else is going?

This year the dates are Sat 18 August and Sunday 19 August 2018.

It is being held this year at Sheffield Hallam University - City Campus.

You can get tickets either from the OggCamp Website Where you will be able to find out more as we get closer to the event or from Eventbright.

The suggested ticket price is £25 but they will also let you in for Free or you can make a small donation if you want to get your tickets.

Hope to see a few of our UK Bad Voltage fans there at least. Hopefully there will be a few BV fans from a bit further away too.

Tickets issued are e-tickets so you will need to print them out before the event and issued on a first come, first served basis.

Tempted to organize another LugRadio Live. See if we can get the same team back, the presenters, the LRL team etc.


Not me - saw a post Asperger recently & shit a dick, I am not ready.

@jonobacon they are saying that a burgerking is coming to my town - it’ll be cold, but not sure how to broach ppl saying this ?

but times change fella

@jonobacon even if you can’t get the whole team back together I would love to see you and @sil at Oggcamp.

We have met once, only once I think, when you and Stuart were doing Lug Radio. It would be nice to meet you again.

I have met Stuart slightly more times, but too few, perhaps we could meet up on the Friday night for a few drinks before it starts.

Does anyone know Sheffield well enough to recommend a local hotel, to the venue, to stay at?

I am also looking for pub suggestions. I am sure we would be more than happy to have any other Bad Voltage fans join us for a drink.

You could always come to FOSS Talk Live.

Sounds good, I’ll try to make that too.

Can you keep an eye on this and remind us once tickets are available please?

I’ll try to remember.

I went last year, I might be up this year

Sounds like a bad idea, maybe next time when it’s on a date I can make…

I would love to go, fingers crossed I will be able to.

yeah & take it from me - stay off the beer.

its not worth it.

splash the beer



We’re putting the band back together

(I was never part of the LugRadio scene though :slight_smile: )

If you can’t get Sparkes back, I go a near perfect Wolverhampton accent.

Yes yes and oh God yes.

I’ll forgive you for not recognising mine as I have lived in Toronto, LopBuri, Bangkok (Thailand), Tokyo, and in the UK: Ilfracoombe (Devon), Old Hill (just outside Dudley), Cambridge, Glasgow and currently in Southend-on-sea (Essex). But I may challenge you to recognise a few accents. I’m hopeful @jonobacon can join us as @sil is, I believe - still his best friend, and he still has family here. Obviously Jono has to do what works for him so would have no complaint if he can’ join us.

But I am hopeful of bringing a few natives with me.

My mate Christy Moore demonstrating the point

@sil I understand you are at fosstalklive. I will be there, there (only as part of the audience). Let me know via PM (or e-mail: I have yours and I know you have mine but I’d never make it public) if you want to meet up. We can stay in the same hotel and go out for a beer or six (maybe a curry) together.

Up to you.


The curry is my treat. How spicy do you like it?

all ten of theband ?


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