OggCamp 2017- Who's Going

I heard @sil mention a meetup called Ogg Camp
Not been before, I might go, is anyone here going next weekend?


I just found out about this - I’m going to pop in for Saturday afternoon, since I live in Canterbury it would be unforgivable not to.

@justyn, I did the same, although I trained it in from London.
I heard a talk about https://ubuntu-mate.org/, which is a Linux Desktop Environment I haven’t used before.
I then listened to a talk by Liz Lutgendorff from the UK Government about how the gov is keen to use open source and open culture - verry cool
I then listened to a recording of the Ubuntu podcst

Ah great stuff - yeah I enjoyed the “Late Night Ubuntu Linux” podcast recording.

Completely missed this thread before. Glad to see you guys made it in!

Anything we could have done better? :slight_smile:

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