OFFLINE: What to do when the internet is down e.g. Reddit?


Thats why it’s always useful to have a backup device that is useful when the Internet is down. I’ve ordered a Pocket C.H.I.P which you can take even when you are going for a walk :grin:


Saw a Pocket C.H.I.P pda from Next Thing Co was $69USD running quake3 @EmoSpaceMonkey cheers.


Yes the latest alpha build includes 3D acceleration. I haven’t found the build unstable but then you kind of need a blue tooth keyboard and mouse to play Quake 3 so i didn’t play it that much,

Its also a pretty good GBC emulator and the PICO 8 game Celeste is very good.

I’m intending to mod a speaker on over Christmas. You won’t believe how cool it looks with it’s plastic “crystal” like case and purple leds…


Saw a decent tweet on this by the verge.

This give a good gif of the interface and and how practical it is.

It mentions the PICO 8 as a good emulator.


I find and empty B road and try and scare myself on it!



Sad to say - the alternative is powerful - but "they are all un-nonline’ ’ aswell


Agreed, I am three-score and a bit am for the first time trying to learn … admittedly its a uke (which is at least one step above the kazoo). All I can see is “f’ing G-chord” which I just cant seem to wrap my uncoordinated self around.


Coincidentally, just got our power back after a 4 hour outage due to gale force winds up here in the PNW. BUT I did not completely loose net access thanks to T-mobile.


Don’t dis the Uke. I play it together with mandolin, guitar and banjo (both 5 string and tenor, 4 string). I also play penny whistle.

You may guess from this my main playing interest is traditional folk though I do have a very wide taste in music and will play and listen to several other styles. Enjoy the journey, learn what you can and play music you love.


@WarrenHill do you ever visit London?
I once went to a pub near Tottenham Court Road that has a Uke night every Wednesday I think
~30 people in a basement playing along to old Beatles songs :slight_smile:


Not very often now though I used to live there. Sounds like fun though I am at foss talk live later this year so I may come down two days earlier and check it out.

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