Not having a good day (again)

As many of you are aware I have suffered with mental health issues, predominantly depression, for several years now and today is not one of my best days.

I am often triggered by political events: both in the UK, where I live, and across the rest of the world. Recent events in the UK have made me feel that we are headed towards fascism. I imagine this feels like it did in Germany in the few years prior to Hitler coming to power. This is not just a UK phenomenon as in many countries the centre ground has gone with moves to the right or left.

The UK governments recent activities make make me feel this song seems apt: though the specific targets have changed. Targeting the minorities and dispossessed make it still relevant today.

and has me thinking “Where is the love”:

What helps you when you when you have similar thoughts?
I am trying to remember as I have often been told:

Don’t Give Up

I’m not only looking for music videos here, or videos in particular but as a well known doctor once told me.

Everything will be Okay

Sorry Warren. I feel for you. Hang in there.

Sorry that sounds like a bunch of cliche’s. Days of late have been a hard time for me too.

Thanks Greg,

This means a lot to me. I have felt the love from several members on this site and it is much appreciated.

@VulcanRidr please take that nonsense elsewhere

@VulcanRidr, maybe it would be more appropriate to take up @WarrenHill invitation for a political discussion on another thread rather than discussing it here. 2x64: Nobrac

Warren is facing depression, and while maybe you don’t agree with his views on things, an encouraging word from one who does have a differing view would go a long way in showing that there is one thing that should transcend politics, namely compassion. The word encourage denotes imparting strength, something all of us could use, but especially Warren in his situation now. I hope you have never faced or never will face depression. If you have, I am sorry. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

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You seem to think that a post where someone is discussing their mental health is an appropriate forum to start espousing verging-on-extreme right-wing political views. Start a new post if you like.


No I don’t think anybody here is saying that. I may not agree with your politics but you are free to express them but threads should be appropriate to the subject. I created this one to discuss mental health support so this is not the place for a political discussion but you are free to create your own and provided we show respect, no hate speech, all views are welcome. Try to limit your topic so it is not too broad. For example the US is preparing for elections. Who should win and why seems a reasonable question to me. This is not limited to the next President but the party they represent.

You may instead want to discuss gun control or the right, or not to abortion. Alternatively European issues for example.

Having known @oldgeek and @neuro online I have an idea of their politics but we have disagreed in the past, and will again, there are probably several here who a significantly further to the right than me.

I am more than happy to discuss my views and listen to others in a separate thread if we can show respect and ‘play nice’. @jonobacon and @sil are moderators on the site so will close it down if we can’t, as would I.

Please respect our code of conduct which is simple: don't be a dick.