No show this week

Sorry, no show this week; we’ll be back in two weeks, when it will be nearly the end of the year and you know what that means… how did we do at predicting what 2017 would be like, back in episode 2x01 ?

Feel free to check up on us!

Warning: the intro contains a tale about a news story where the anchor said “Alexa, buy dolls houses” and thousands of people’s Echoes bought dolls houses… and playing that intro caused my Echo to go “would you like me to add things to the shopping basket”? It’s like some sort of voice-borne virus.

Sorry, no show this week

Back to hibernation for another two weeks for me.

I can’t say it won’t be missed but I’m sure there are good reasons for this, so no problem looking forward to the next show.

In episode 2x01 Jono mentioned guest presenters, perhaps its time to have another one can @bryanlunduke be come back for a one off show?


A Bad Voltage/Lunduke Hour Linux Thursday could be quite entertaining.


frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn! sob, sob.

but @sil please : try the fish.

Edit: shall have a sit with a nice tea & big cookie and listen to episode 2x01 before, err, well whenever.

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