New Rockstars: @WarrenHill and @oldgeek

Hi Everyone,

As everyone here probably knows, this forum is running Discourse. One of the things I like about Discourse is that it provides a simple way of determining the most active people. As you participate more, you increase in trust level. Around 100 of you are currently in Trust Level 2, but Trust Level 3 only has three people in it: @WarrenHill @oldgeek and myself.

This is indicative that @WarrenHill and @oldgeek have been devilishly committed to participating in the forum and I wanted to say to each of them:


As such, you will see Rockstar next to your name from now on. Other folks who get into Trust Level 3 will have the same badge too.

Everyone, please offer your congrats to @WarrenHill and @oldgeek!


Yay! Glad to be be here and I’d like to congratulate @oldgeek in obtaining this title too.

Greg, it appears we can both say …

It is a great community to be part of


Congrats to both of you ! Also, thanks for ‘minding the shop’ on some conversations :slight_smile:


Congratulations @WarrenHill and @oldgeek. That feels like quite an achievement. I wanted to ask how much of your day/week/month you spend actively working on the forum?

I will usually check the forum at least twice a day. Usually this is very quick especially if there are no new posts. If there are new posts and I feel I have something to contribute I’ll reply, or if I have something on my mind I may start a new thread.

I like this community most of the people here are great and some have helped me in ways they will never truly understand. I’ve, never tried to hide my fight with depression and here at worst I have been tolerated, at best I have been shown real support and love.

I’m proud of this community and happy to help keep it running smoothly.

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I went through a period of spending a few days checking out the forum, but work and life often get in the way. I love the way Discourse works on my phone, and I’ve now added a shortcut directly to my home screen, so I plan to be on here more.

I agree it’s a great forum with great people, and it’s a true testament to how the human race can work together for a better world.

On a personal note, it’s great to meet you, and though I can only imagine the trouble you’ve faced, my door (well inbox) is always open.


Before I fully commit to such serious undertaking as a Trust Level Up, I need to know first how are multiple name additions handled, such as @neuro 's “Honourable Queen” and Rockstar for example? Would it be Rockstar Honourable Queen or Honourable Queen Rockstar? Or maybe it’ll be hyphenated? Or, maybe, just Rock Queen? I need to know.

Congrats @WarrenHill & @oldgeek, you guys rock!

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It is totally arbitrary. :slight_smile:

If @neuro makes it to Trust Level 3, we will probably get even more creative. :slight_smile:

This is just a text field in you profile. You can’t change it your self, at least I don’t think so, but an ‘admin’ or a moderator can. So basically that’s all three of the presenters plus @joe and myself.

I’m pretty sure all the titles bestowed so far have been given out by @jonobacon.

Arbitrary? With Bad Voltage? You don’t say.


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I know - who’d have thunk it, eh? :slight_smile:


Interesting, I just discovered this page which shows people ranked based on Likes (which I quite like as it shows appreciation of content, not just posting. I might share this each quarter to indicate who is contributing particularly appreciated content here. Here are the top users for the last quarter:

33 AM

Thanks, @oldgeek @WarrenHill @neuro @Sarah_Scarlett @sil @paulgault @cmgbeyer @jeremy @joe

That Cash4Likes scheme is finally paying off :wink:

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