New laptops from Apple and Google

The new Chromebook Pixel ( ) is a lot like the new Macbook ( )…

… except the Chromebook Pixel has a bigger screen with more pixels and higher DPI, a touchscreen, a faster processor, more RAM, a higher-resolution webcam, more ports, longer battery life, an OS with a better track record for security, and costs $300 less.

On second thought, the Pixel has almost nothing in common with the new Macbook. Especially not that janky gold finish.

Silly Google. Having more than one port is so passe. All you need is one port and a USB-C port at that. Who in the world needs MORE THAN ONE PORT!!! :smile:

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A real interesting interview with an Apple engineer.


Too bad about the 64GB flash storage though…

I think so! This is what apple users will laugh about when I mention ports-oh wait, they don’t have much more either…

256GB isn’t much more?

Nah. Not really. Not even an order of magnitude bigger. Less if you include the 100GB google drive. :stuck_out_tongue:

And of course, with all those extra ports, you could always plug in a nice little USB drive. The 1TB WD Passport USB3 drives are only ~$60 .

… or an SD card.

Its 4 times more.

Which is really good, since out-of-the-box, you can’t plug in a thumb drive and the charger at the same time.

Even the Apple nuts I work with are kind of scratching their heads over this one. I can understand the goal of ‘elegance’ with just one port, but that goal is thrown out the window when one has to plug in an adapter to make the thing useful.

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I think the idea here is the target audience isn’t plugging a bunch of stuff into it. The pro line is for the guys with all of the crap stuck into it.

I can’t figure out who the pixel is for, however. Seems like a really expensive machine to just run a browser.

Well, first off, the screen is gorgeous. After that, I find that I can do a lot more than ‘just run a browser’. That storage is available as a FS, you have a shell (crosh), and unlike Android, the browser actually has dev tools. So all the chromebooks, out of the box, make for nice development consoles (e.g. ssh’d to some server).

Beyond that, Google upstreamed all the chromebook spec drivers into kernel 3.7, so since then, you can run any distro on any chromebook, assuming the installer is capable.

So… that makes any chromebook a cheap Linux laptop; the Pixel just makes for a really nice one, especially for those of us who are sensitive to shitty screens.

Did you see the new Touch Bar MacBook Pro’s ?

Man, I may wanna do a course now and become a Photoshop Professional/Expert or something.

Although Microsoft was there first in 2010:

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