New find:

Hi Everyone,

Just a handy site I picked up while hunting out a PS4 - it is also useful for other in-demand items that are mostly out of stock. basically screen-scrapes a bunch of online retailers for particular items. With it you can set different alerts (e.g. email, browser flashing/audio) when the given item is in stock so you can snap it up quickly.

I found this invaluable while hunting out a PS4. For those of you similarly nerdy enough to want another item early after release, check the site out. :slight_smile:

Any idea how viable this will be in the long term? I would be willing to guess many of these sites have some kind of TOS that would prevent this kind of behavior.

That being said, I think this is an awesome use of tech, helping connect people who want things with places that have them.

No idea. It may well be gone soon, but people have been raving about it for getting access to difficult to find products.

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