New Bad Voltage website!

Hi folks,

Check out our new Bad Voltage website at

The new design will be on the forum soon. :smile:



Looks Awesome :slight_smile:


That’s nice :smile:

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@jonobacon, with the picture for episode 1X27, was that your desk with the three monitors?

One very minor criticism I don’t see anything saying when the next episode is out which I think we should have so if someone discovers the site and decides they like the pod-cast they will know when to come back for the next.

Doesn’t apply to anyone here as we all know it’s every two weeks but for somebody new its important information.

Apart from that – the new layout looks good.

I’m not very keen on doing this because we occasionally have scheduling conflicts and so have to slip by a day or two, as we did a couple of episodes ago; if the site says “episode out on 1st January” and it is 1st January and there’s no episode, we look like idiots. Also, times are a problem here, because release time is not standardised.

Well done on the new design! I like how it’s a mix of the old, combined with a fresh feel.

I appreciate this so I’m not suggesting a countdown timer or anything like that. We could say we aim to release a pod-cast every two weeks and give the date of the latest release to give some clue as to when its worth revisiting the site for the next one.

This is just my opinion however, feel free to ignore it if you disagree.

That might work; “we release every other Thursday” or words to that effect. @jonobacon where should that best be put, do you think?

Maybe we have a strap-line under the main logo, something like “TASTY STUFF FOR YOUR EARS EVERY TWO WEEKS”?

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Very nice guys!

You could just say on the site that it is biweekly, next episode due Thursday x/y-ish

Each and every fortnight we bring forth the best the internet has to say!

Use a fuzzy logic clock and have it get more precise the closer to the date it gets.

No.[email protected]/4494267858/in/pool-lifehacker-workspace-showandtell/

The site needs parallax. Css3 Bros :wink:

it so does not :smile:

Ok, I will settle for webGL. Full 3D rendered podcast listings. Think about the potential.

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