My smugness may hold no boundaries


…if indeed my much mocked Facebook prediction comes true. Signs are looking good:


As I’m catching up with the back catalogue, it’s interesting how many predictions were roundly lambasted but are now true a few years later. Maybe you could do a bit of a roundup on how th historic predictions have gone?


Oooh, I love this idea. :slight_smile:


That looks less advanced than the virtual world I was working in over 9 years ago.


I made my first money as a developer working in Second Life. An interesting place, much like the internet, falling into some rather questionable lands with very little effort.

I did get $50 dollars for making an interactive quiz for someone. Was a very nice programming experience, in that it was very visible, and came with lots of cool event hooks on which you could trigger.


50 bucks, nice :slight_smile:

I still get a L$300/wk stipend into my ex-staff complimentary account, which I think works out at about $60/yr! Pays for my in-world helicopter obsession at any rate.


Also how does this world work for people that like a third person view. How would you change clothes on an avatar if you have to find a mirror instead of being able to set privacy on an area and change on your roof so you get lots of different viewing angles.

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