Microsoft and GitHub

So Microsoft has bought GitHub (for an obscene amount of money)

What does everyone think?

I would say I’m a little divided on it, but actually the more I think about it, the more I think it’s actually not too bad!

Do you think this is all part of the 3 E’s MS strategy from the 90’s and 00’s? Is this a move inspired by Balmer’s “Linux is a cancer” mentality (which was in 2001 17 years ago - I feel old)? Or could this actually be good for GitHub?


It depends what GitHub’s people want.
It is worth mentioning that GitHub is loosing a lot of money, so from a financial perspective I can see why GitHub would want to sell out to Microsoft.

It also depends what GitHub is for, if it’s a coder/geek inspired social network then I personally don’t think it would be good, as I would not feel to comfatable hanging out in a Microsoft controlled walled garden.

(… a digression)
For example I enjoy painting a drawing I have taken some photos of drawings I have done and shared them with friends on Facebook, but I wouldn’t want to use a big company like Facebook to collaborate with others on a hobby.

Alternatively if GitHub is for business and self publisining and earning money then Microsoft will aid in that regard - MS know how to make lots of money.

I personally always smile when I hear talk of good standards, proprietary interfaces to GUIs that companies own and control are kinda cheating IMHO.

So I wouldn’t go as far as stating that Microsoft are planning to Embrace/Extend/Extinguish Git, but for sure expect Microsoft to talk ad nauseum about how easy it will be to file a pull request in Windows/VS Code!

By the way this is thing too

autre options ?

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