Merry Chrismas Everybody


It’s not Christmas until this man says so.

I’ve just heard him on the radio and my daughter has four tickets for Fridays show so I can see them live with her, my brother and my daughters boyfriend.

So here it is: Merry Christmas everybody

My daughter has to work on Saturday and Sunday but will be travelling back with me from university on Christmas Eve and going back the day after Boxing day.

I am therefore expecting a great Christmas. However you celebrate this time of year: Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or no particular festivities I am wishing all a great time and good luck in the year to come.

For those of you expecting the big guy in the red suit to visit I hope you are all still of the ‘nice’ list and he brings you something special



Following on from Merry Christmas: I hope you all had a great one.

It’s now time to wish all a Happy New Year.

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