[MegaThread] Indie-Go-Go-Bonkers!

I decided to create a thread for all of those crazy, or not crazy IndieGoGo campaigns that crop-up every month or so.

If you see anything that amuses you or just makes you want to contribute or share-the-feels, then before you get the fuzzies, be sure to post the campaign and it’s corresponding youtube video (if available) below. Cheers!

Here’s the 1st of many : Dragon’s Lair Returns.

Stats: $250,000 USD goal.
Already 130% fully funded.

The top “Bacon” crowdfunders.


Already reached funding goal of $15K

Reached funding goal of $77K in May 2016 by 215%


One’s of @jonobacon 's backed kickstarter : ACPAD – The Electronic Orchestra For Your Guitar.

Reached 675% of their €40,000 goal in December 4, 2015.

Nice humble bundle – all about Capitalism this fortnight :wink:

Couldn’t resist this MasterSystem -kstarter.

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