Maybe We Will Be Able to Stop Whining About Battery Life

Samsung is working on graphene ball batteries. They are looking for a 45% increase in capacity and five times faster in charging. A smartphone battery can have the capacity of what is now in laptops. I also like the idea of not relying on scarce materials. If it pans out, it will be years in the making though.

Could this be a device utopia, or will we end up getting use to bigger capacities and start complaining all over again? :smile:

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640K ought to be enough for anybody.

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An interesting podcast from the BBC about the chemical elements and their place in the global economy.
The below episode discusses properties of graphene and it’s potential applications.

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The Essential remains by far the best phone I’ve owned from a battery perspective. it’s not where I’d like devices to be quite yet, but it’s getting close.


I honestly do not have a problem with battery life. I have a Pixel Xl, use the phone with bluetooth headphones listenining to podcasts / music for > 4 - 5 hours a day, two ~30 min nav trips in the car. I would consider this average usage and at the end of the day im usually around 45 - 55 % battery.

Thuderf00t had an interesting perspective on the current state battery capacity and safety:

As for battery capacity today, I haven’t really had a problem with any modern phone. On the rare occasions where I could be caught short I carry an Anker Powercore Slim and a tiny cable to charge with in my pocket. My phone stays light and I essentially have a second battery when I need one.

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