Mashed Voltage - An Entry in Spirit

This is not officially part of the Mashed Voltage competition, as the competition has ended, but it fits best here.

I gave Bryan’s poem a rhythmic makeover in Logic/Flex Time - the results.


Hey! That’s really clever! How do you do that?


For most of it, I used the Flex Time feature in Logic, which allows changing the timing of little parts of (or, for that matter, all of) a recording without changing the pitch or tone too much via rubber-band-stretching-like interface.

For some parts, such as where I wanted to add pauses (such as the end), or change the words (such as at the mid-beginning on “not about j- not about j- not about jono”), I split/rearranged the audio, but for the most part, it was just Flex Time.


(The whole thing)

(Zoomed in on the beginning)

Hey that’s killer-neat !

Any chance you could upload some art work for the archive site aswell ?

Funnily enough the sweet-spot over the intersection of the graph and the music-bar was the word: Underwear.

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