Masaya Nakamura, father of Pacman is dead

It is a sad day for classic gaming:

Waka waka waka waka waka …

When Miyamoto-san passes away, I’ll fucking lose it :frowning:

Who is this?

You can’t tell me you’re posting articles about Nakamura-san dying, and you don’t know who Shigeru Miyamoto is?! :open_mouth:

I can tell you, because this is the case.

A key player at Nintendo he has been active as a designer and producer of video games since the late 70s, possibly earlier. There is a lot more info here on Wikipedia,

Though to be fair without his first name I wasn’t sure who @neuro was referring to: Miyamoto is not an uncommon Japanese surname.

But in context, come on … :wink:

Hindsight is brilliant and now it’s obvious but for some reason didn’t jump out instantly for me, all have the occasional lapse of memory :wink:

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