told me to listen to Bad Voltage

Just listened to show 2x18 and at the end you wanted to know how long people had been listening to the show.

I started listening to LugRadio maybe about 4 or 5 episodes into season 1. The start of that podcast just happened to coincide with my getting into linux so it was a perfect fit. I still remember having those times listening to the show in the car and dying laughing while people in other cars are starring at me wondering what kind of drugs I am on.

Anyways, I was really disappointed when the show ended, and would check every year or so to see if by chance there was another show, or some kind of “comeback tour”. I think near the beginning of 2014 I checked the site and saw the panel “If you liked LugRadio, you’ll probably like BAD VOLTAGE” clicked on the link and started from episode 1 (I think there were only like 10 out at that point).


Back in the early days we were doing all we could to grow the community and looking for as many ways as we could to get the word out there with several of us posting to forums and suchlike to drum up new fans. I for example used to play the podcast in the lab at work as well as pushing Bad Voltage on the Ubuntu forum.

If memory serves me correctly I think it was me who suggested that if they still had ftp access to the old lug radio they should add a link to bad voltage there, though it was a long time ago and somebody-else may have suggested it before me. @sil obviously still had access so he updated the site.

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