LQ Was Featured in the Latest Linux Journal - Digital Subscriptions Up To 50% Off for the Bad Voltage community

If you haven’t seen the most recent copy of Linux Journal, LQ was one of the feature articles. I’m happy to announce that as a result, LJ is offering digital subscriptions to LQ members (and I’m extending the offer to the Bad Voltage community) for up to 50% off the normal price. You will receive 12 digital issues for $18.50 or 24 digital issues for $25.50 (the normal price is $29.50 for 12 and $49.50 for 24). Simply subscribe via https://www.pubservice.com/subnew1.aspx?PC=LJ&PK=M6LQJG1 and the discount will be automatically applied. Note that this offer if only good if you subscribe this month.


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