LQ Shirt competition: Jeremy's middle name(s)

In the last show @jeremy Garcia said he would send a LQ shirt to the first person who could guess his middle name provided they could do it before the next show aired.

@jonobacon then suggested the Slack channel would be the best place to post guesses but I think here makes more sense as Slack is live and a correct guess may be missed amongst all the other traffic.

To that end this thread is for guesses only.

My guess is that Jeremy has several middle names and his full name is:

Jeremy Algenon Winston Spenser Churchill Palmerston Disraeli Razzmatazz Garcia

I’ll go with

Jeremy Clarkson-Hernandez Spencer Garcia

I vote for none. No reason to believe Jeremy is Christian.

Middle names are nothing to do with Christianity.

Jeremy “Bono” garcia.

Jeremy Heinz Garcia

Is it:   ?

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My guess is David.

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