Looking for advice from the community

Hey Everyone,

I will be starting school soon in the fall(I’m 42, better late than never). I’m looking at two paths. One a strict web dev path and the other a more traditional computer science path.

So at this time I am in the frame of mind thinking Desktops apps are slowly becoming a thing of the past, minus the browser. I may be wrong of course… And I have played around with the very basics of python, ruby, javascript, html, and CSS…like very basic…other than that i’ve been a linux user for many moons.

Do you guys think the traditional CS path is better at my age? Or should I just hit the web running at this point?
Mind you, the plan is to produce money to support the family, not just hobby stuff…I’m looking to change careers.

Thanks ahead of time for the chat rooms combined wisdom :wink:

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As I am not in the IT field I can only say, good luck with what ever you decide on… I am myself turning 38 soon and standing before walking a path of Chemical Engineering (which would have been difficult full time 20 years ago, now I am attempting it part time >.<)

Two questions:

  1. What do you do at the moment (if you don’t mind my asking)?

  2. What do you like about IT? Applications (however that’s defined)? Solving problems? The creative aspects? Blinkenlights and gizmos?

I’m a tech/project manager for an IT company specializing in Dentist offices.

I actually started school on the web application Dev path.

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