Living in UK and working in London

My current career trajectory gets kind of terrifying. After the company I was employed in before went under (citing issues caused by Brexit) I was forced to find another job and landed a position at Akamai. After working there for 5 months I was contacted by someone I was working with before asking if I’d consider moving to Project/Admin position based in London, UK, the home of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who. And after some preliminary talk with my wife it seems she would consider moving countries too. It;s still pretty early, but while i visited UK I’ve never lived there (was living and working happily for 4 years in Ireland though) so I have a couple of questions to people who live in UK and work in tech.

  1. Is commute from some cheaper places to London survivable or not a feasible option (i’d probably travel to and from work by train)?
  2. Are there any special considerations when it comes to admin/tech jobs while doing it for UK companies, especially are re-sellers reasonable or a pain to deal with, like in Poland?
  3. Which town/city close to London should i consider to move into?
  4. What are the chances I’ll get shived through the eyeball for being polish?
  5. Would you generally consider moving into UK or rather moving out to stay in EU in the long run?

Thanks for any replies from anyone who knows what’s happening on the islands. To be brutally honest, Akamai is kind of a comfy job, so I have certain reservations about leaving it, but on the other hand I consider myself a guy who’s not gonna die in the same country he was born in, so that might be actually a step in right direction.

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I’m a web dev in London

  1. The further out of central London you get the cheaper it gets
    Will you be buying or renting a place?
    Buying a place within the M25 motorway is super expensive, if commuting from one of the towns further out the train tickets can be expensive and the trains are sometimes a bit crap, there is some IT research that happens around Cambridge but most of the IT is London based, it depends how you define survivable of course
  2. Not sure I undertand your question, will you be working onsite in a company, or getting outsourced jobs?
  3. Look for a community with people you may know or be able to give you community connections
  4. There are plenty of IT people from Polish backgrounds in London
  5. Unfortuantely most people voted the other way to me with regards to Brexit

What’s Akamai like to work in? I have used them for CDN stuff before. Also do your colleages read these forums?
Not sure how this Brexit thing is gonna play out

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