LinuxFest Northwest - the best conference BV never talks about


Hi all,

If you haven’t heard (which you definitely haven’t if you only listen to Bad Voltage :wink: … LinuxFest Northwest is having it’s 20th anniversary this year!

LFNW is the biggest community-driven conference in the Pacific Northwest, bringing together enthusiasts, hobbyists, as well as professionals for a weekend of communal nerding-out. LFNW is completely run by volunteers dedicated to open source and the F/LOSS community, and is completely free to attend.

If you’d like to present at LinuxFest Northwest, our call for proposals is open until January 31… so it’s time to get on the ball! Our theme this year is “Past, Present and Future” so feel free submit anything from war stories on installing Slackware from floppies on a 386, to recipes on running crio on kubernetes on docker in a vm on a stack of turtles… anyway, our audience loves new presenters, as well as old hands, so come and induldge in the pure nerdiness of it all.


In one last attempt to get some BV love for LFNW, I’ll mention that we’ve published our schedule, and have some great speakers (again) this year, like:

… and it’s still FREE to attend! !

cc @sil, @jonobacon, @jeremy


I see blatant discrimination here. @BryanLunduke didn’t get a (description in parenthesis) :rofl:

I wish the best for the conference. I’m sure it will go well. I would go, but I rarely leave a radius of 30 miles from my home!


Honestly the same for me. But that’s because I’m lazy; no conference can do something for me about that!


Ah, as i get older, inertia is less of a bad thing. :smile:


Bryan chooses not to cast his shadow on any affiliation :wink:


We can help with that…

This year we’ll be using our own equipment, running open source software (OBS on Linux), to record our sessions!

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