Linux on UMPC's & murmurings after Unity Schism

I log on once a week and check to see what’s new here. Recently I found there wasn’t alot that I found greatly of interest for where I live.

So I thought I’d give a hopeful, upbeat post about what I have noticed recently in other communities that could affect mine.

But first, there was a post about putting Debian on a kindle. Sounds interesting, but could you really optimize it better than what is already there ?

To be frank, this is a fetish of mine. UMPC’s.

Ever since my gamegear days (I have never been a mobile phone fan~although I own two ubuntu phones), I have been fascinated with getting a box of twenty 7 inch WM8850 netbooks and putting arch-arm on them with midori after watching a video by someone who had done just that.

You have to understand this fetish is not good. It involves trawling through ebay and other stores like amazon to see if anybody has found one of these devices. And basically - no-one else other than me, is interested.

But I am fascinated with the fact that once a week a box or perhaps just someone who has become disgruntled with a single android netbook (not atom) pops into the search results and i think, well for £20 plus £5 postage I could have a netbook project with potentially linux on it, which I would then sell onto some 3rdworld country (probably).

This is odd, and I am the first one to admit it.

Not only am I deluding myself that this is a good deal in terms of hardware, but there’s something Rule-Britannia (possibly of the race for Africa era) that says I am magnanimous enough to pass off these products as a plus for some dude in a mud hut in Afghanistan, or somewhere like that, who I imagine (in my delusion) would love to learn linux.

Crumbs, from what I have been through in the linux community with all the RTFM posts - why would I want that on anyone else ?

It goes further.

I am fascinated with the UNR [ ]
which is basically as simple as you could get for an Ubuntu Netbook Flavour.
and wonder if thee is any interest in getting something going again, just for small form factors.
but again, ever time I think that - I have to go and have a cuppa tea, because it is ‘pie in the sky’ stuff.

There are two noteable exceptions on the UMPC subreddit

1, the GPD Pocket: 7.0’ umpc crowdfunder with ubuntu as an option for $470

2, this kinda device that seems to do exactly what I am on about (only that its android).

I guess videos like the UMPC N.O.D.E. effort only serve to fuel this fascination.
(best viewed at x1.5 speed).

It seems that these niche area of linux (and dont even get me started on rockworks) are all thats left of interest to me, in once a vibrant ubuntu community.

So my question is (and lets face it we all have oddities that we’d love to see linux on):

#What hardware would you like to see linux on or improved ?

… and please relpy,
I can’t be the only one bonkers about this kinda stuff - I would be nice to know if you’ve ever had similar murmurings.

Lastly, my aim long term is to set up a Left Book Club for my area.
This was crowdfunded recently and was successfully funded - so it looks like a decent organisation.

That’s it for this month. I enjoyed the podcast and miss Lunduke being a dick on the show.


As an after-thought, I remember an old Norwegian flame called Freya & I recall how she used to date older men.

There was a trend in a part of Norway that I forget where she found that her lovers had a fascination with ‘small cars’.

I laughed at it, at the time, but maybe this is similar, I don’t know. But I feel at ease sharing it here, & hope that thats all it aspires to - a fascination of all things linux.