Linux on Galaxy

Samsung is soon releasing Linux on Galaxy to be used with their DeX system. I like the idea of having an Android phone that, when docked, turns into a Linux desktop. No, this is not a new idea, but maybe the first to be something useful.

I still cannot afford a Galaxy phone, but for the first time, I see what may be some value in a higher end phone. If it turns useful.


I have a Note8 and looking at the Dex as a quick laptop alternative. Not a replacement mind you but give me the opportunity to set it up at work so I don’t have to take my laptop with me all the time. The OS is as much Linux as Android is Linux. The interface is clean and very desktop’esq and with the Note8s 64GB storage and 6GB of RAM it can handle really any day to day task that you can throw at it. Word and Excel are on the Note8 so users do have that capability to run Office but Doc and Sheets work just as well. I also like the fact that I can open up a game and run it full screen on a desktop like interface.

Just my .02 worth

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