Limits of Ubuntu Touch hosting software & How to Replace ForumCo.Com using an ubuntu phone?

Ok so it’s late.

I ping-ed @BadVoltage with an answer to last month’s question on twitter - and I’ve just realised how inferior I feel with the fact, that realizing that sometimes twitter is no more than machine to work out how meaningless you are to the meatspace.

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However, I did by chance use ‘ecosia’ to find out what some halfling was wittering-on-about several years ago in an old blogspot reply that I enjoyed.
In the description I noticed an out of date website that quickly have me go full-frontal down the rabbit-hole of a 90’s company (that is frequented on that pulls in a whopping $5dollars a month for a sub-domain hosting-space for a forum type interface !
Here it is :
Now, apart from the argument of whether “a fiver” is too much or too little for a subdomain, I was wondering if such an instance (namely a phpBB instance or alternative setup doing the same thing) … could be set-up and constructed to run off an Ubuntu-phone ?
Obviously the phone would have to be plugged in or on Wifi/LTE for things to work without interuption. But my point is what are limits - if the phone is supposed to be a PC in your pocket nowadays ?

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Now before you think I’ve gone loco : this is just a “What if ?” post and I never plan on actually carrying this out.
My question is: What else can be ‘hosted’ on an Ubuntu phone ?

Right, now - I’ve gone down the rabbit hole , posed the question, had a laugh and a cuppa Bovril. Without sounding like the guy in the hat, I’m definitely off to bedington and a warm duvet. Night-night.

Look like someone else had the same idea.

#UbuntuTouch is too Lite.

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