Let's face it - Bryan is right

So, I tried out Ubuntu Phone again on my Nexus 4: it was okay…but I wouldn’t use it over Android.

However, to play devil’s advocate for a second, I wonder, how would I go about recommending an Ubuntu Phone? For me, the problem with Ubuntu Phone is it just doesn’t have a good ‘elevator pitch’.

If I was describing Ubuntu Phone OS:

  • Less apps than than iOS, Android and even Windows Phone (possibly even Sailfish OS).
  • Doesn’t currently offer much unique integration with the desktop, not even the Ubuntu desktop.
  • Less choice of hardware than the other major platforms.

I can’t help thinking that many of the people who seem to want Ubuntu Phone to suceed, would be (rightly) pointing out if this was a Microsoft / proprietary OS, that Ubuntu Phone is essentially DOA. I think if Ubuntu Phone was going to find a niche - it would have largely been with people that are now on board with Jolla. The idea that someone could be persuaded (like Bryan or me) to see the practical benefits of Ubuntu Phone OS over other choices currently available seems a bit far fetched. I know there has been a lot of discussion of scopes: if that is the ‘killer feature’ that will make people switch, then Canonical and its hardare partners have a serious problem.

I’d love a linux phone with more integration with my linux computers. Then again, everything is on the web so the underlying OS of your current hardware is moot.

Basically Android has to get blindsided for any other OS to really stand a chance. Windows and Blackberry have the best chance. Jolla, Firefox, Tizen, or Ubuntu are going to be niches unless there’s a perfect storm that knocks out the others.

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I agree and I’m definitely getting one of those Jolla phones as soon as it becomes available in my region. Always hated Apple, laughed at Windows Phone and now have Android fatigue.


I want a BSD phone with a highly polished UI and well funded corporate support system… WAIT A MINUTE

I’d love a Jolla phone as well but it’s also not available in my region :cry:

I got a Jolla phone to replace my old nokia C2 after vowing not to get another smart phone, I think it the muts nuts.

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