Just to say Hi & so on

So, just plain noob, green horn & French (West side)
Distro hopper playing rolling and stable !
(not to say "endeavour,tumbleweed,ttos)
Oh…I like tree climbing and Light as a tech in tv/motion
Best to all of u
Take good care

Hi Fred. Always nice to have a new face.


What distros have you hopped? :grinning:

Bonjour @neuro, for the time beeing i’m on Endeavour (aur…)
& Tumbleweed (German -?- a "stable-rolling !) and TTos (Buster 10.4 & i added many lines on sources-list)
Soon i’ll try Siduction, not that stable Deb, based on experimental sid…
In case “of”, files are backed-up on 3 external hdd,
readable & less than 5years old + smart activated.
I’m not a gamer so i’m not using uge amount of ram
6gb–>16gb, switched to ssd since 2015.
Not that keen on security, i avoid kodachi, blackarch, kali… Yet, apparmor is running so does firewalld or ufw.
Quite fed up with to many conkies and my main desktop
is kde ! Intel I3/I5/I7 …HP/DELL/ASUS…All my machines are 2nd hand, i change drive/ram/screen
Otherwise “distr.watch” for iso & LQ for infos !
I quited Ub.ntu when it was bought by Canonic.l &
try to be Linux-unix evengelist on my lost side of the world! FF68~76,Falkon,Midori,Tor but no VPN (I must have 700+movies downloaded long time ago and many dvd, external player)
Cheers to all

Welcome to our forum. All are welcome here @jonobacon,@sil and myself have historical links to Ubuntu: I was part of the volunteer community though believe both Jono and Stuart were on the pay-roll.

That said, while many of us are Linux users (some developers) it is not a requirement.

We talk about anything that seems important to us and have covered a wide range of topics. Feel free to contribute to any ongoing discussion, or start your own.

Our only rule: Don’t be a dick.

@WarrenHill…I’ll do my best…
But i think i have never been a duck !

Please respect our code of conduct which is simple: don't be a dick.