Jono's Fab Review of The Ubuntu Meizu MX4 handset for €327 with 4G

I was looking at @jonobacon 's review of the Meizu MX4 handset available on ebay for €327 or $363.

The main problem was that API’s like Yelp! etc refuse to “give” the relevant information about ‘meet-ups’ etc on the soon-to-be (16.04) Snappy Apps because they would ‘prefer’ that you go and ‘visit’ their website for the relevant information about the events scheduled.
This web-based stuff is frankly shameful and embarrassing, in a way that looking for say a Chinese restaurant’ doesn’t allow for good content that you need, like TripAdvisor etc.
And they don’t seem to seamlessly work together either.

One thing that is definitely missing is Voice recognition - something that Canonical simply doesn’t have the user footprint to effectively undertake.

There was also mention about the Android API’s which aren’t easy to reproduce on Ubuntu-Touch.

Other mentions go out to the teams involved in development, the parts of Ubuntu and what Canonical is aiming for.

I actually thought one of the most interesting points @jonobacon made was about the Ubuntu community, and about how the community itself is very different to how it used to be and how the community itself is more that just Ubuntu, but that as far as the community goes that derivatives are pretty much as important as the “main” Ubuntu distro itself (that was my understanding anyway). It’s a point that’s made towards the end of the video (around 32:30).

It was just an interesting point and I’d not thought about it that way before!

If I’m honest though I found the video got more interesting after the phone review ended… You can see thousands of unboxing and phone reviews online, but it’s not often you get someone who takes a look at WHY certain decisions have been made and more to the point HOW the decisions made now are going to impact the future (I suppose because of Jono’s previous employment he’s in a pretty good place to make the observations).

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