Jolla Devices Split Off to a New Company

An announcement today from Jolla Ltd.

So, Jolla Ltd. will focus on the Sailfish OS and form another company work on devices. I hope it is a good move. I hope they succeed.

And with Microsoft also exiting the mobile device business, there aren’t that many independent device makers are left that aren’t IOS or Android. Firefox OS and Ubuntu Phone seem to be it mostly. Hopefully Jolla can make the software only business work.

My impression of the statement is that they will still make devices, but under another company. That makes some sense to me, by not having the two projects (devices and OS) under one set of management, then the two entities can focus on solely on their project. Also, in this way, Jolla, as an OS, would feel free to be on several devices instead of feeling constrained to be on the devices they made, even though they may have said they are open to other devices. It would also give the company overseeing the Jolla devices the incentive to make an ‘example’, Jolla device, similar to Google’s Nexus line.

Jolla announced some big news for MWC in Shanghai, starting today. Most people are expecting a new partnership with a hardware manufacturer:

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