Join our chat with Jono Friday March 21st

Our esteemed guest, Mr. J. B. himself, live in the house at 9AM PDT, 12 Noon EDT, 4PM UTC/GMT on our IP Communications & VoIP Conference. We’ve been talking about telephony and mobiles for 7 years and I’ve personally been trying to get Jono on since the early announcements of Ubuntu Phone.
We’re looking forward to hearing about and of course we’ll make sure people know about Bad Voltage, the podcast and the community. If you want to be with us on IRC, the channel is #vuc on

sweet! will the interview be available online afterwards or is it live online? the reason I ask is that I will be on a plane during that time.

It will be available as both audio and video recordings afterwards. If there’s wifi on the plane you may be able to listen to the mp3 stream as well.

So here is the Youtube:
The audio will be on soon and on iTunes, Stitcher, etc. It was great to talk to Jono and I think we clarified some of the Ubuntu Phone platform. We enjoyed this and I hope you do, too.

Thanks for posting here. My wife and I were flying back from Puerto Rico so no luck with the in flight wifi to listen live. will check it out as soon as I get out of email jail at work.

Where is Bad Voltage on Stitcher?

It must be there! Tried a search?

Yup. Didn’t find it any where.

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