Jelly, The Smallest 4G Smartphone

In my personal opinion, we should be making phones, and any other device you can send late night porrly judged tweets from, as inaccessible to the tiny handed as possible.

However, that’s not my call, and a recent episode there was some discussion of how the sausage fingered community would like a phone that could be handled by five of Linconlshire’s finest, so…

“Jelly sports a 2.45-inch screen with 240 x 432 pixels”

Phones that are small because they are bollocks are not acceptable. Even to those of us with short fingers.

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I wonder if it’s good to take camping or to a live music festival?
Typing on a small touchscreen is tricky though

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I have to confess my ideal phone would get mistaken for the monolith in 2001:Space Odyssey. But that to one side, I’m curious how they are going to solve some of the problems of such a small screen without encumbering it with a nasty hack lash on interface.

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