Is "sharing" something that distinguishes us from animals?

I was looking at the independant website about sharing - and the fact that animals don’t share their food:

My own personal belief, is that there are two sides to this debate.

Why do people like sharing ? < insert all the facebook gif’s about giving is better than recieving here >

And, is it as base as animalism to suggest that the opposite is somehow anti-human ?

Perhaps a contradiction would be when hawks, serve their eyas (baby hawk), with food at mealtimes.

The problem with asking this type of question , is the religion of it. Crumbs think of the hymns.
I don’t want to wade into countless arguments and counter-arguments about animalism.
If you are a church-goer the best that I can say is what my Mom says: “Stick to yur church”.

Anyway …
It’d be nice to see different situations from a dot org kinda way on how giving means succeeding.

Just to kick off the What have you shared recently post:

I shared the the most recent post here : (YS)

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