Is Santa a Time Lord, like Dr. Who?

It’s coming up to the day again and yet again both Google and NORAD will be tracking Santa.

Last year I noticed that Google and NORAD often had him in different places. I also noted that both showed videos of the big man on his journey. This suggests that:

  1. He can’t be doing this on speed alone or it would be impossible to catch anything other than a single image and the air friction would make him appear to be a fireball, like a meteor.

  2. He appears to be in at least two places at once.

How is this possible?

We know he is real because I continue to receive presents every year from him. Both my parents have passed away and my daughter now lives away from home, she will be spending this year with her boyfriend’s family.

The only conclusion I can reach is that he is in more than one place at a time, perhaps several. The doctor could do this by traveling around the world delivering presents to as many houses as he could then going back in time to start again and cover the houses he missed. He may have to travel back several times to cover all the houses with good boys and girls (of any age). I’m not suggesting the doctor is Santa but the doctor may not be the last of the Time Lords after all, Santa could be one too.

I’d love to hear any other theories about this and please share details of any great gifts you receive.

However you celebrate this time of year: Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or just taking time to be with your loved ones. Wishing you a great time and sending out the love.


I tend towards the more mundane solution, myself: Since there are many cultures with slightly-divergent traditions about someone delivering gifts, Santa just has some help. Google and NORAD both being extremely American organizations, they aren’t aware of La Befana, Ded Moroz, Pancho Claus, or even that lost Syrian camel who doesn’t rate a Wikipedia page, and so each pick one signal as “probably the right guy.”
And one day soon, Christmas Eve will be the one night of the year when a miasma of drones pours forth from the North Pole, blotting out the stars to deliver gifts…

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