Is anyone making a BV Android app?

Is anyone doing this? If not, I’ll start today (just don’t want to duplicate efforts).

I can tell you that I’m not, if that helps :slight_smile:

Okay, with your Ubuntu app, where are you getting the list of shows (with url to the audio)?

I’ve put the skeleton on GitHub and will add to it when I can (anyone feel free to create pull requests).

From the RSS feed.

Awesome, @joe!

We definitely want to see a range of apps for different platforms, with Android being a key one, so thanks for working on this!

I think they things it should do is:

  • List all the shows and allow the user to be able to read the show notes, stream, and download a show.
  • Provide an embedded view of this forum so people have quick access to it.
  • It could also be fun to have an embedded IRC view of the chat channel too.

Any chance you could post some screenshots?


Hi @jonobacon,

Which feature do you want first, or do you want to wait until there are all 3?

I was just working on the streaming audio part at the moment, so there’s not much to show in the screenshot.

Very cool!

I would say the order of importance is the order I listed them in. :slight_smile:


No problem!

It may take a while though, I’ve not got much free time :smile:

Nice work!

Message me if you’d like help with graphics, icons, etc.

Cheers man,
I’m still working on the streaming side of things, so feel free to make some UI icons, if you want.

There is an Android app for discourse.

I started work on a freedom-hating iOS app:

So far, it

  • Fetches the latest feed and displays the episodes.
  • Shows the summary in the player view.
  • Plays the episode, fast-forwards, rewinds, pauses, and stops.


  • Clean up the play/pause image swap.
  • Finish the disabling of controls.
  • Handle errors better.
  • Ensure playback continues in background mode.

Feedback/help welcome.

@Ld​00d very, very, cool!

I will ask @sil to check it out and provide more focused feedback; he has an iPhone. Thanks so much for helping here. We are not far being able to have an apps page on! :slight_smile:

Erm. How do I test it? I can’t compile apps because I don’t have a Mac. Do I need to provide you with my edid or something?

I let my dev account lapse, so I have to get one. After that, yeah, there’s an ID on the phone I’ll need to create the provisioning. It’s not quite ready to test yet.

well, let me know what you need and I’ll provide. :smile:

Just wanted to give an update on this.

The iPhone app is really close to being beta for @sil. I just need to get the funds together to get back in the app store (a huge downside to iOS dev). I have a side project coming up that should take care of that.

Screenshots updated here:

Also, I tried getting @joe’s project loading, but Android Studio isn’t liking the project set up. Is there missing gradle stuff in the repo?

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yep, i’ll push the repo when i get home

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@Ld00d / @joe This all sounds brilliant.

One thing I would love to do is get a page up on the main Bad Voltage website that links to the apps. It could provide screenshots and then details of how to download them.

I assume that the apps will be available in the respective stores?

I know @sil is going test the iPhone app, @joe can you put the Android online somewhere so I can test it?


I need to get a wiggle on with it, been manic for the last couple of weeks! I’ll push what I have so far when I’m home.

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