Installing Linux on a Tablet

I recently heard the episode 1x09, and really liked the review that @bryanlunduke there

He mentioned again in the 1x24. In his original review, he said that the only bad thing about this tablet was the OS (Win8). I wonder if Bryan or anyone else in the community with the same device has tried again the Linux installation with a recent kernel release. I read a Howto of a guy installing Arch on a ASUS T100 which has the same processor, a not so straightforward process, but they link to a Fedora Tablet distro that apparently works with the Miix 2. Maybe @bryanlunduke could try it.

I’m think of changing my old netbook with a device like the Miix 2, but only if I can run Linux there (not Android). Not a big fan of Fedora, but it would do the trick.

Yoga 11S was my choice, if you want the touch of a tablet over the size.

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